Pineapple Sparkle

A Graphic Novel by Area 1 Security

Operation: Pineapple Sparkle 

Operation: Pineapple Sparkle is a graphic novel about enterprise cybersecurity, and more specifically, socially-engineered phishing attacks. In the first edition a secret organization targets a large corporation in an attempt to steal confidential information.

Operation: Pineapple Sparkle Part 2

In the second edition of Operation: Pineapple Sparkle Joe and Lateef become angry when they are not given credit for the work they did to help their secret organization succeed in its mission. Meanwhile, Kelly’s corporation works to remedy the damages of the breach that occurred.

Operation: Pineapple Sparkle Part 3

Summary will be released soon.

Operation: Pineapple Sparkle

O:PS was designed to lift the dark and foreboding veil off of the complex issue that is cybersecurity. Using conversational language, it doesn’t simplify the issue, but rather captures its complexity through a combination of storytelling and visual abstraction. Most importantly, the story isn’t closely pegged to the latest developments or breaking news. Instead, the hope is that it’s told in a way that allows for sustained relevance. Please download and share!

What is phishing?

Phishing attacks are socially-engineered targeted email attacks that use fake messages to gain access to confidential information, uniquely designed for specific institutions and individuals. With 95% of breaches beginning with phishing, it is a problem that must be brought to the centerstage of cybersecurity.

Area 1 Security

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